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From the Preface:

Jacqueline Accused can be viewed as a kind of forensic microtome, an investigative knife which slices the medical and non-medical evidence into thinner and thinner sections for easier and better understanding. This evidence, reorganized and presented in a new pattern, then produces a completely new and more comprehensive picture which explains not only the murder of President Kennedy, but also the events which followed it.” (p. xiii)

“The murder of President Kennedy, it turns out, was simply a crime of extreme domestic violence—a long-abused, unhappy wife killing her husband.” (p. xvi)

From the Reconstruction:


“Mrs. Kennedy's hat and flowers placed on her dead husband can mean only one thing: She clearly regarded him as her trophy. She acted much like a successful hunter posing with her kill, beaten and helpless at her feet, with her hat and flowers on him almost as an extra humiliation.” (p. 493)

“The Vice President immediately thought of the political ramifications for himself and made some political calculations. He would have difficulty enough governing an already stunned and upset country. The arrest and trial of the former First Lady for the murder of her husband was unthinkable. Its effect on the nation was uncalculable.
“For the sake of the country, as well as his own Presidency, some other way had to be found.
“The Vice President took a colossal gamble and made a risky decision: At the expense of truth, some other story would have to be concocted; at the expense of justice, someone else would have to be blamed.” (p. 497)

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